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Digital Marketing Specialist and Coach


Katija Vlatkovich Digital Marketing Specialist

Need a Digital Marketing Specialist to take your business to the Next Level?


I have spent over ten years working as a digital marketing specialist for some of Australia’s biggest brands. Now, I want to help you take your business to the next level through the power of digital marketing.

Many businesses struggle to rise above the noise online. They also spend too much time and money outsourcing digital marketing tasks without having an understanding of what they need or a digital marketing strategy to guide their teams.

I can help you get results when it comes to your digital marketing.

I even offer a free initial coaching session. Click here for more details

What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do? 


Businesses like yours have more channels than ever before to reach out to their ideal clients and customers. However, digital marketing is about much more than just throwing up a blog or Facebook page and hoping the prospects come pouring in.

You need to know how to use the different tools available to you. You need to have a strategy to guide your actions.

A digital marketing specialist works with you and your team to identify the most effective platforms and tools to promote your business.

I also help you craft a digital marketing strategy and plan for executing on that strategy.

I help you make sure you are getting a strong return on your digital marketing investment.

I preach strategy before tactics. I make sure everything you do with your digital marketing is aimed at improving your long-term profitability.

As a digital marketing specialist, instead of pretending like digital marketing is some mystic, dark art, I teach you and your team how to create and execute your own digital marketing strategy.

Areas Where a Digital Marketing Specialist Can Help


Digital marketing is a huge field. Not every business can, or should, use every platform and tool available to them. During the early stages I work with you to narrow down our strategy and to focus on the platforms and tools that will best serve your unique business.

I help clients:

  • Develop a company wide digital marketing strategy
  • Craft a digital marketing plan
  • Optimize social media accounts including:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
  • Setup and use email marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) of firm websites
  • Optimize the company blog
  • Harness the power of search engine marketing (SEM) with pay-per-click ads
  • Get the most out of social media marketing (SMM) with boosted posts and paid ads
  • And Much More

How I Work 


I start each client out the same way. I provide a free coaching call where I listen to your needs and learn about your business. I diagnose some of your biggest issues and help you focus on the best ways to move forward with digital marketing.

I after the first call we are a good fit, I continue to work with you and your team to lay the foundation of a solid digital marketing approach by identifying strengths and crafting a strategy that plays to your company’s strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.

I teach you and your team to not only think strategically, but how to execute on that strategy using specific tools and platforms.

See what my clients have to say…

I can help to transform your Digital Marketing, quickly! Setup your free strategy session right now. Can you afford not to?

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